There are two distinct groups involved in selecting winners of the Caregiver of the Year program.

  1. Right at Home Committee – representatives from the Right at Home Franchise Advisory Council (FAC).
  2. Community Committee – professionals from senior care, healthcare and caregiving support organizations.

The eight FAC members of the Right at Home Committee are paired up for the nominee review process, and each pair is given one Region’s nominations to review. The nominations each FAC pair receives do not include any in their respective Regions. Together the pair selects the top five nominees for the Region they are assigned. All nominations are removed of any identifying information so the nominating offices remain anonymous.

The selection process is conducted in several stages as follows:

Stage 1 – Right at Home Corporate Office Initial Review

  • The Corporate Office reviews all nominations to ensure nominees meet the selection criteria.

Stage 2 – Right at Home Committee Nominee Review and Top 5 Selection

  • The Right at Home Committee filters the valid nominations based on the thoroughness of the nomination and caregiver accomplishments, and presents the Community Committee with five anonymous nominations per Region.

Stage 3 – Community Committee Review and Selection

  • The Community Committee reviews the anonymous nominations and selects one winner from each Region and one national winner, based on nomination criteria and using testimonials from clients and loved ones.

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be judged in the following categories:

  • Character: What makes this caregiver extraordinary? How does this individual strive to develop themselves and grow on a personal and professional level?
  • Client impact: How has this caregiver provided an extraordinary client experience and improved the quality life for those he/she serves?
  • Brand ambassador: What does this caregiver do to represent Right at Home as an employer and provider of choice in their community?
  • Team player: Does this caregiver serve as a mentor to their peers and puts the goals of the team before themselves?

If selected as a finalist for Caregiver of the Year, the Franchisee/caregiver must:

  1. Provide written testimonials from the client or client’s advocate in order for the caregiver to be considered.
  2. Agree to be represented in photographs and videos, and to be included in any and all public relations activities and media campaigns.

If selected as the National Caregiver of the Year, the caregiver is invited to receive the award in person at Home Improvement.