Sample Nomination

1) Character

Caregiver has been with us since we opened our doors six years ago. Despite the number of wonderful caregivers we are lucky to have, no one is more deserving of this prestigious award than Caregiver.

Caregiver has always been someone of high integrity, compassion, faith, and warm heart. What sets them apart, is their humanity, their unwavering loyalty to Right at Home, and their wholehearted commitment to providing the best care for our clients.

We at Right at Home set incredibly high expectations for the quality of care we provide our clients and we celebrate those that can consistently meet our expectations. But when it comes to Caregiver, as one client’s husband described their work ethic, “they do more than they are supposed to do.” Adding, “The caregiver is nice, caring, industrious… [and] has tremendous compassion for my wife.” – Insert client name, Insert client name husband. Another client, insert client name, admitted they were “very aware of their way above the call of duty” service.

2) Client Impact

Caregiver’s impact in the lives they have touched as a caregiver cannot be underscored enough. For example, Caregiver is the care lead with 97-year-old, Mrs. client name, and has enabled her to live a regular life in her home. When Mrs. client name husband passed away, Mrs. client name entered a depressive state and only wanted to remain in isolation. With caregivers help, Mrs. client name, is now visiting with friends and family. Caregiver sets up gatherings at their client’s home and prepares all the food, gets invites out and coordinates the care. Blank attorney name, son of Mrs. client name, had this to say about caregiver, “You can tell that caregiver truly loves our mom. The feeling is mutual. They have become a close member of our family, we all just love them! Caregiver has been such a blessing!”

3) Brand Ambassador

Caregiver has three daughters. All three of them, work as caregivers for Right at Home. Their names are Name, Name, and Name. They have all proven to be valuable members of the Right at Home team.

Further, caregiver has referred at least four clients to Right at Home. For example, insert client’s name is a current client of ours that met caregiver when they were caring for another one of our clients. Caregiver’s kind and friendly nature caught insert client’s name attention and when they needed care, they immediately turned to caregiver. Caregiver had her call Right at Home.

Caregiver’s love for others is obvious in their work and outside of work as well. Caregiver is an active hospice volunteer.

4) Team Player

Caregiver is considered an extension of the office. As such, we place them as care lead in all the cases they handle. Caregiver’s team members have nothing but glowing remarks of their work.

In addition, caregiver supports the office in many of our marketing events. Caregiver donated to our Right at Home team page that supports the insert organization name and plans to attend the event. Caregiver also emails the office with marketing ideas like reminding caregivers that are attending big social events with clients to wear their Right at Home polos.

For caregiver, providing care for some of our most necessitous clients is not a profession— but a calling. Caregiver’s kind and empathetic nature was further fostered when they had to care for their mother when they began to suffer of dementia. Like our clients and so many that have had the privilege to get to know them, we love caregiver. We believe their remarkable efforts to provide loving care every shift for Right at Home warrants recognition at a national level.